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Updated: Saturday, January 20, 2018

Spring 2018
Subject Catalog / Section Description Note
AGNR 4100.001 College to Career Transition Lecture
ARIS 2200.001 Arabic Cinema Lecture
ARTH 3530W.001 Contemporary Art Lecture
BADM 3274.001 Real Estate Law Lecture
BADM 3720.003 Legal&Ethical Environ Business Lecture
BIOL 1108.002L Principles of Biology II Laboratory
BME 3700.007 Biomaterials Lecture
BUSN 1801.001 Contemp Issues World of Busn Lecture
CAMS 1124.001 Intermediate Latin II Lecture
CAMS 3243.001 World of Late Antiquity Lecture
CHEM 1128Q.007 General Chemistry Lecture
COGS 2201.001 Foundations Cognitive Science Lecture
COMM 2310W.001 Media Literacy and Criticism Lecture
COMM 4230.001 Organizational Communication Lecture
COMM 2940.001 Fundamentals of Digital Produc Lecture
DRAM 1217.001 Theatre Prod: Costumes &Makeup Lecture
DRAM 4135W.001 Period Studies in Theatre Lecture
DRAM 1710.002 Exploration of Acting Lecture
ECON 3473.001 Economic Development Lecture
ECON 3441.001 Theory of Labor Markets Lecture
ECON 3413.001 Financial Economics Lecture
ECON 3451.002 Health Economics Lecture
ECON 2201.003 Intermed Microeconomic Theory Lecture
ECON 2500W.003 Writing in Economics Lecture
ECON 1202.020D Principles of Macroeconomics Discussion
EDLR 3340.001 Intro to Sport Marketing Lecture
EDLR 3547W.003 Intro to Sport Based Youth Dev Lecture
ENGL 3605.001 Latina/o Literature Lecture
ENGL 3420.001 Children's Literature Lecture
ENGL 1701.006 Creative Writing I Lecture
ENGL 1010.009 Seminar in Academic Writing Seminar
ENGL 1010.011 Seminar in Academic Writing Seminar
ENGL 1011.012 Seminar Writing thr Literature Seminar
ENGL 1010.018 Seminar in Academic Writing Seminar
ENGL 1010.027 Seminar in Academic Writing Seminar
EPSY 6304.001 The Psychology of Men and Boys Seminar
FNCE 4430.001 Mergers and Acquisitions Lecture
FNCE 3335.001 Commercial Real Est Appraisal Lecture
GEOG 1000.001 Introduction to Geography Lecture
GERM 1131.002 Elementary German I Lecture
GERM 1131.002D Elementary German I Discussion
HIST 4994W.001 Senior Seminar Seminar
HIST 1600.001 Intro to Lat Amer & Caribbean Discussion
HIST 1501.006D United States History to 1877 Discussion
HIST 1400.021 Modern Western Traditions Lecture
ILCS 1146.001 Elementary Italian II Lecture
ILCS 3258W.002 Cinematic Rep of Italian Amer Lecture
JOUR 1002.001 The Press in America Lecture
LLAS 3029.001 The Caribbean Lecture
LLAS 3525.001 Latino Sociology Lecture
MATH 3550.001 Programming for Actuaries Lecture
MATH 2144Q.001 Advanced Calculus IV Lecture
MATH 1020Q.001 Problem Solving Lecture
MATH 2620.002 Financial Mathematics I Lecture
MATH 1030Q.004 Element. Discrete Mathematics Lecture
MATH 2210Q.008 Applied Linear Algebra Lecture
MATH 1132Q.038D Calculus II Discussion
MCB 3841W.006 Rsrch Lit in Molec & Cell Bio Lecture
ME 3242.001 Heat Transfer Lecture
ME 3264.001 Applied Measurements Lab Lecture
ME 3264.003L Applied Measurements Lab Laboratory
MGMT 4900.002 Strategy, Policy and Planning Lecture
MUSI 1003.001X Popular Music&Diver Amer Scty Lecture
NUSC 1165.002 Fundamentals of Nutrition Lecture
PNB 3251.001 Biology of the Brain Lecture
PNB 3255.001 Human Neuroanatomy Lecture
POLS 3807.001 Constitutnl Rights & Liberties Lecture
POLS 3618.002 Politics of Inequality Lecture
PSYC 3440.001 Dev Cog Neuroscience Lecture
PSYC 2209.001 Learn and Mem: Brain to Behav Lecture
PSYC 2100WQ.013 Prin of Rsch in Psych Lecture
PSYC 1100.042L General Psychology I Laboratory
SLHS 5326.001 Prof. Issues in Audiology Lecture
SLHS 6402.001 Hrng Conserv/Indust Audiology Lecture
SLHS 6422.001 Electrophys Tech & Interp II Lecture
SLHS 5329.001 Adv Clinical Topics Audiology Lecture
SOCI 2705.001 Sociology of Food Lecture
SOCI 1501.001 Race, Class, and Gender Lecture
SOCI 3311.001 Deviant Behavior Lecture
SOCI 3211Q.001 Quant Meth in Social Research Lecture
SOCI 1251.002 Social Problems Lecture
SPAN 1008.001 Chrstns,Muslms&Jews Med Spain Lecture
SPAN 1002.002 Elementary Spanish II Lecture
SPSS 4210.001 Plant Phys: How Plants Work Lecture
SPSS 2125.002 Soils Lab Laboratory
STAT 3375Q.001D Intro to Mathematical Stats I Discussion
STAT 1100Q.023D Elem Concepts of Stats Discussion
UNIV 1800.005 FYE University Learning Skills Seminar