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Updated: Monday, November 20, 2017

Fall 2017
Subject Catalog / Section Description Note
ANTH 5315.001 Gender & Culture Seminar
ANTH 5500.001 Professional Dev in Anthropolo Seminar
ENGL 2409.001 The Modern Novel Lecture
ENGL 3601.001 The English Language Lecture
ENGL 2100.002 British Literature I Lecture
ENGL 2401.002 Poetry Lecture
ENGL 1616W.005 Major Works of Eng & Amer Lit Lecture
FREN 1177.002 Witches & Wizards in France Lecture
MATH 2410Q.011 Elem Differential Equations Lecture
PHYS 2300.001 Development of Quantum Physics Lecture
PSYC 2100WQ.013 Prin of Rsch in Psych Lecture