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Updated: Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Spring 2018
Subject Catalog / Section Description Note
AASI 3578.001 Asian American Exp Since 1850 Lecture
ACCT 3221.001 Cost Accounting Lecture
ACCT 3202.003 Intermediate Accounting II Lecture
AFRA 3106.001 Black Psychology Lecture
AFRA 3215.001 20th & 21st Cent Afri Amer Lit Lecture
ANSC 1645.001 The Science of Food Lecture
ANTH 2502.004D Human Evolution Discussion
ARTH 3530W.001 Contemporary Art Lecture
BADM 3720.003 Legal&Ethical Environ Business Lecture
BADM 3750.005 Intro to Marketing Management Lecture
BIOL 1108.002L Principles of Biology II Laboratory
BLAW 3274.001 Real Estate Law Lecture
CAMS 1124.001 Intermediate Latin II Lecture
CAMS 3243.001 World of Late Antiquity Lecture
CAMS 3298.001 Variable Topics Lecture
CE 3530.001 Engineering & Environ Geology Lecture
CLCS 3201.002 Compar Lit & Cultural Studies Lecture
COMM 2310W.001 Media Literacy and Criticism Lecture
COMM 3100.003 Persuasion Lecture
COMM 3100.004 Persuasion Lecture
COMM 2310W.004 Media Literacy and Criticism Lecture
CSE 3666.001 Intro to Computer Architecture Lecture
DRAM 1217.001 Theatre Prod: Costumes &Makeup Lecture
DRAM 4135W.001 Period Studies in Theatre Lecture
DRAM 5211.001 Advanced Rigging Techniques Lecture
ECE 2001.003D Electrical Circuits Discussion
ECON 2311.001 Empirical Methods in Econ I Lecture
ECON 3441.001 Theory of Labor Markets Lecture
ECON 1202.020D Principles of Macroeconomics Discussion
EDLR 3547W.003 Intro to Sport Based Youth Dev Lecture
ENGL 1701.001 Creative Writing I Lecture
ENGL 1011.012 Seminar Writing thr Literature Seminar
ENGL 1010.027 Seminar in Academic Writing Seminar
ENVS 2000.001 Integrating Humans & Environ Lecture
EPSY 6304.001 The Psychology of Men and Boys Seminar
GEOG 3000.001 Race, Sex, Space, and Place Lecture
HIST 1600.001 Intro to Lat Amer & Caribbean Discussion
HIST 3460.001 Italy 1250-1600 Lecture
HIST 4994W.001 Senior Seminar Seminar
HIST 1502.005D U.S. History Since 1877 Discussion
JOUR 3040.001 Newswriting for Radio & TV Seminar
JOUR 3020.002 Journalism Law Lecture
LLAS 3232.001 Latina/o Literature Lecture
LLAS 3525.001 Latino Sociology Lecture
MATH 2620.002 Financial Mathematics I Lecture
MATH 1132Q.059D Calculus II Discussion
ME 3220.001 Mechanical Vibrations Lecture
ME 3255.001 Computational Mechanics Lecture
ME 3242.002 Heat Transfer Lecture
PHYS 3402.001 Introductory Quantum Mechanics Lecture
PHYS 4095.001 Special Topics Lecture
PHYS 1501Q.021 Physics for Engineers I Lecture
PNB 2275.013L Enhncd Human Physio & Anatomy Laboratory
POLS 3802.001 Constitutional Law Lecture
POLS 3647.001 Black Leadership&Civil Rights Lecture
PP 4034.001 Social Policy Lecture
PSYC 1100.043L General Psychology I Laboratory
SARE 450.001 Prin of Agricult & Rsrc Econom Lecture
SLHS 4249W.001D Intro to Aural Rehabilitation Discussion
SOCI 1251.002 Social Problems Lecture
SOCI 1001W.004 Introduction to Sociology Lecture
SPAN 1001.002 Elementary Spanish I Lecture
SPSS 2125.002 Soils Lab Laboratory
STAT 3445.001 Intro to Mathematical Stats II Lecture
WGSS 3249.001 Gender Politics and Islam Lecture
WGSS 2124.006 Gender and Globalization Lecture