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Updated: Thursday, September 21, 2017

Fall 2017
Subject Catalog / Section Description Note
AH 3275.001 HAZWOPER Lecture
ANSC 3344W.001 Scientific Wrtg Food Prod Lecture
ANSC 3272.001 Laboratory Animal Science Lecture
ANSC 1001.002D Introduction to Animal Science Discussion
ANTH 1000.019D Other People's Worlds Discussion
BADM 2710.001 Prin of Managerial Accounting Lecture
BADM 3720.001 Legal&Ethical Environ Business Lecture
BADM 3452.001 Professional Selling Lecture
BADM 2710.002 Prin of Managerial Accounting Lecture
BIOL 1107.008L Principles of Biology I Laboratory
CHEM 1125Q.001 Fundamentals General Chem II Lecture
CHEM 3334.001 Instrumental Analysis I Lecture
CHEM 1127Q.024D General Chemistry Discussion
CHEM 1127Q.123D General Chemistry Discussion
CHEM 1126Q.441L Fundamentals General Chem III Laboratory
COMM 4992.001 Rsrch Practicum Communication Practicum
COMM 3200.003 Interpersonal Communication Lecture
COMM 3000Q.003D Rsrch Methods in Communication Discussion
COMM 1000.005D The Process of Communication Discussion
COMM 1000.028D The Process of Communication Discussion
CSE 1729.004L Intro to Principle Programming Laboratory
DRAM 3130.001 Women in Theatre Lecture
ECON 2498.003 Variable Topics Lecture
ECON 2202.008 Intermed Macroeconomic Theory Lecture
EDCI 3100W.001 Multicultural Ed, Equi, Soc Ju Lecture
EDCI 3010.002 Elem Curric Stan & Integration Lecture
EDLR 5365.001 Managing Diversity in Sport Lecture
EDLR 5325.001 Legal Aspects of Sport Lecture
EDLR 5315.001 Sport in Society Lecture
EGEN 3100.001 Sem/Clin:Teaching&Learning Seminar
ENGL 1013W.001 Technical Writing I Lecture
ENGL 2011.006 Honors I:Lit Stdy thr Rdg&Rsch Lecture
ENGL 1011.016 Seminar Writing thr Literature Seminar
ENGL 1010.032 Seminar in Academic Writing Seminar
ENGL 1011.033 Seminar Writing thr Literature Seminar
ENGL 1010.064 Seminar in Academic Writing Seminar
ENGL 1010.075 Seminar in Academic Writing Seminar
FINA 3510.001 Foundation:Explor Digital Arts Laboratory
FNCE 4307.001 Financial Modeling Lecture
GSCI 1050.006L Earth's Dynamic Environment Laboratory
HDFS 2001.003D Diversity Iss Hmn Dev&Fam Stdy Discussion
HIST 1503.001 Intro to American Studies Lecture
HIST 3522.001 History of Connecticut Lecture
HIST 3554.001 Immigrants & Shaping Amer Hist Lecture
HIST 3609.001 Latin America: National Period Lecture
HIST 1501.011 United States History to 1877 Lecture
JOUR 3040.001 Newswriting for Radio & TV Seminar
LLAS 3221.001 Latinos/as and Human Rights Lecture
MATH 1011Q.001 Intr Col Algebra&Math Modeling Lecture
MATH 2210Q.002 Applied Linear Algebra Lecture
MATH 2010Q.002 Fund of Algebra and Geometry Lecture
MATH 1020Q.002 Problem Solving Lecture
MATH 1071Q.003 Calculus for Busi & Economics Lecture
MATH 2720W.003 History of Mathematics Lecture
MATH 1071Q.007 Calculus for Busi & Economics Lecture
MATH 1020Q.010 Problem Solving Lecture
MATH 1071Q.011 Calculus for Busi & Economics Lecture
MATH 1070Q.132D Math for Business & Economics Discussion
MATH 1070Q.141D Math for Business & Economics Discussion
MATH 2110Q.143D Multivariable Calculus Discussion
ME 3242.001 Heat Transfer Lecture
MUSI 1251.001 Intro to Diction for Singers Laboratory
MUSI 1222.026 Applied Music Laboratory
NUSC 4250.001 Nutrition for Exercise & Sport Lecture
PHIL 1101.013D Problems of Philosophy Discussion
PHYS 1602Q.001 Fundamentals of Physics II Lecture
PHYS 1602Q.001L Fundamentals of Physics II Laboratory
PHYS 1202Q.021 General Physics Lecture
PHYS 1202Q.023L General Physics Laboratory
PNB 3275.001 Biology Synaptic Transmission Lecture
PNB 2274.020L Enhncd Human Physio & Anatomy Laboratory
POLS 3834.001 Immigration&Transborder Poltc Lecture
PSYC 5499.001 Research Team Dev Psyc Seminar
PSYC 2100WQ.013 Prin of Rsch in Psych Lecture
PSYC 5800.016 Research in Psychology Independent Study
SOCI 3521W.001 Sociology of Religion Lecture
SOCI 3211Q.001 Quant Meth in Social Research Lecture
SOCI 3317W.001 Women and Crime Lecture
SPSS 2110W.001 Sust Plant Pest Management Lecture
SPSS 3410.001 Wdy Plnt: Trees,Shrubs,Vines Lecture
STAT 1000Q.008D Intro to Statistics I Discussion
STAT 1000Q.034D Intro to Statistics I Discussion
UNIV 3820.018 Learning Community Adv Seminar Lecture
UNIV 1810.070 FYE Learning Community Seminar Seminar
WGSS 2263.001 Women, Gender, and Violence Lecture
WGSS 2255.001 Sexualities, Activism,&Globlsm Lecture
WGSS 2124.010 Gender and Globalization Lecture